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Arctic skua is a party leader species representing all of the incredible skua species that call New Zealand home. Once the pirate captain of New Zealand's skies has finished the annual breeding season in the Arctic, the Arctic skua returns again. This seasonal visitor to New Zealand waters is also known as "Parasitic Jaeger" – or “Hunter” when translated from German to English. Described as "piratical" and "aggressively tenacious", the Arctic skua pursues other seabirds until they regurgitate their food, which the enterprising skua catches in mid-air.

Campaign Manager

Alec Dawson

Alec is in some ways like the Arctic Skua, as he lives in the Northern Hemisphere but is imminently returning to New Zealand. In other ways he is not, as he doesn't chase puffins or eat penguins. While Alec is a big fan of sea birds, his job actually involves protecting forests, so he is quietly a fan of forest birds as well. #hakoakoa2021


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Arctic Skua

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