Conservation status
In serious trouble

While part of the heron family, the bittern is known to be much more secretive than their whanau. You are more likely to hear these bog-dwelling birds before you see them, particularly in mating season when the males are trying to attract females with their foghorn-like “WHOOM”. A vote for bittern is a vote for wetland protection!

Campaign Manager

Kelli Pike

Go Eco Waikato are a voice for the environment, a centre for learning and a catalyst for change.  Our day to day work protects native species by restoring indigenous biodiversity to our region, community wide predator control and climate action, which includes advocating for climate-friendly transport and against habitat loss.  

Clever, cryptic and critically endangered.  A vote for the Matuku Bittern is a vote for wetlands! 

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An Australasian bittern eating an eel while standing in water