Black petrelTāiko

Conservation status
In serious trouble

As New Zealand's most bogan bird (according to former campaign manager Jacinda Ardern), these remarkable birds frequent the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, breeding on just two offshore islands (Aotea Great Barrier Island and Hauturu Little Barrier Island). These petrel-heads are in serious trouble. Their biggest threats are introduced mammalian predators and being caught as bycatch by commercial fishing vessels.

Campaign Manager

Connor Baker

The black petrel is an amazing species of bird in New Zealand and it is in serious trouble. The petrel is most commonly found near Hauraki Gulf in Auckland and only has two breeding places in the world. They breed in burrows on Great Barrier Island (Aotea) and Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) between October to July. With only a single egg laid per breeding season from mid-November to late January, you can see how these birds are in serious trouble.

Black petrels have been caught by commercial and recreational fishers both in New Zealand and overseas. They are recognised as the most at-risk seabird in New Zealand from commercial fishing vessels. Populations of the black petrel are dropping with only 5,000 breeding pairs on Great Barrier Island (Aotea) and about 600 breeding pairs on Little Barrier Island (Hauturu). The most recent black petrel population count is around 38,000.

Black petrel

Photo: © Martin Sanders