TūturiwhatuNew Zealand Dotterel

Conservation status
In serious trouble

You may see the dotterel on sandspits and beaches, but their nests won't be so obvious. Breeding birds are often disturbed by humans and their dogs, vehicles, and stock, which crush eggs and chicks. When you're travelling around New Zealand coastlines, look out for markers like seaweed and driftwood. Help the New Zealand dotterel continue to increase in population.

Campaign Manager

Peter Doyle, Christine Stewart & Leighton Simmons

Peter Doyle

I'm Peter, wildlife management student and campaign manager for Team Dotters! Growing up as a bird lover, one of my favourite things to do was to drive out to the coast and look for dotterels. Charming, cryptic and cute - but unfortunately, continue to be threatened by predators and people. It's certainly an underdog (underbird?) in this race, but it definitely deserves to win!

Christine Stewart, Leighton Simmons & the Auckland Council Biodiversity Team

Tūturiwhatu are emblematic of our native birds - naive to the many threats they face (predation, storms, nest trampling, coastal development…), virtually defenseless, and adorable. We’re #TeamDotters because we want to show some love to these adorable birds along with the devoted team of Biodiversity Advisors and volunteers who work tirelessly to protect them. Make tūturiwhatu your #1 vote!