TūturiwhatuNew Zealand Dotterel

Conservation status
In serious trouble

You may see the dotterel on sandspits and beaches, but their nests won't be so obvious. Breeding birds are often disturbed by humans and their dogs, vehicles, and stock, which crush eggs and chicks. When you're travelling around New Zealand coastlines, look out for markers like seaweed and driftwood. Help the New Zealand dotterel continue to increase in population.

Campaign Manager

Amaryllis Kint and Loredana Kint

DON’T STEP ON THE DOTTERELS! Hi, I’m Dixie the Dotterel, and you’ve been standing on me. How? Why? I bet you haven’t even heard of dotterels. That’s because you’ve been standing on us. We are a group of introverted, endemic birds that just like chillin’ on the beach. A few years ago, there were only 62 of us left. Our nests are hard to notice, and we’ve been stepped on too many times.  

Vote for tuturiwhatu this year to make a difference. I am running for Bird of the Year because it’stime to step up for dotterels instead of stepping on us.  

New Zealand dotterel wearing a gold crown profile pic