Okarito brown kiwiRowi

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Rowi is the rarest of New Zealand's five species of kiwi, with only an estimated 500 of them around. Every member of their whānau is under active management in the wild and in zoos to protect them from predators, particularly stoats. They were identified as a distinct species only recently, in 2003. Rowi is the party leader for kiwi this year.

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At Ecotricity, we believe in a greener future for NZ which is why we supply kiwis with 100% carbonzero electricity. We're eco-warriors at heart and are taking the fight to the big guys to bring change and get NZ's energy grid to 100% renewable.

Not to be confused with the prolific brown kiwi, the rowi is the rarest of the kiwi family with only 500 left in the wild (and it has much much softer plumage). So we're super proud to support this big softie to make sure its voice is heard in the 2022 BOTY comp! C’mon kiwis, vote rowi and join the #EcoRowiors

Okarito brown kiwi

Photo: © Grant Maslowski