Rockhopper Penguin

Conservation status
In some trouble

Who says you need arms to climb almighty rock stacks? The Eastern rockhopper tackles rock mountains with the determination and grit of Hillary. Its population has declined by 30% in the past 30 years, so it needs your support for survival!

Campaign Manager

NZ Life & Leisure Magazine

Rockhopper penguins are hopping their way to the top of Bird of the Year with the determination they show when scaling the sheer cliffs of Campbell Island.  Last year the team at thisNZlife, NZ Life & Leisure and NZ Lifestyle Block magazines helped the rockhopper climb from obscurity to one of NZ’s favourite sea birds - this year rockhopper is vying for #1. Our Team Rockhopper is chaired by thisNZlife’s Emma Rawson and a support crew of writers and designers who are passionate about conservation and the plight of all of Aotearoa’s native birds. A penguin has never won Bird of the Year, and we think the winner’s crown would go nicely with the rockhopper’s on-fleek eyebrows.

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