Rockhopper Penguin

Conservation status
In some trouble

Who says you need arms to climb almighty rock stacks? The Eastern rockhopper tackles rock mountains with the determination and grit of Hillary. Its population has declined by 30% in the past 30 years, so it needs your support for survival!

Campaign Manager

Keyi Yin & Jordan Rogers-Jenkins

The Rockhopper Penguin’s wingmen this year are Keyi Yin and Jordan Rogers-Jenkins! Keyi is a Kiwi studying overseas at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Biophysics. She cites New Zealand birds as the catalyst that developed her interest in the biological sciences. Jordan is a law student at the University of Auckland who aims to use environmental law to save Aotearoa’s outdoors and native species. 

With yellow crests fresher than a Year 13’s lashes on ball night, mountaineering skills that Sir Hillary would be in envy for, these penguins not only rock your world but hop into your heart. King and Emperor Penguins might be royalty, but the Rockhopper deserves to hold a greater title - Bird of the Year for 2020. Despite their cold climate, the Rockhopper is far from chill. We hope that this temperamental penguin has your vote!

Credit - Kyle Morrison