Rockhopper penguin

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Who says you need arms to climb almighty rock stacks? The Eastern rockhopper tackles rock mountains with the determination and grit of Hillary. Its population has declined by 30% in the past 30 years, so it needs your support for survival!

Campaign Manager

Lara Williamson

Do you remember that character from the movie Happy Feet, Guru Lovelace? He is a Rockhopper penguin. The movie portrays these little creatures perfectly.
These social birds with punk rock hairdos are dropping in numbers & need your help.
At The Birdcage Tavern we only buy sustainable fish from local fishermen & make sure whenever we see any rubbish on the ground we pick it up so it doesn’t get washed away into the ocean, these are a few steps you can do as well.
Help us bring awareness to the Rockhopper Penguin by voting for it for BOTY 2021. #GuruLovelaceforBOTY

Collage profile pic for Rockhopper penguin campaign
Nesting rockhopper penguin

Credit - Kyle Morrison