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Breeding in Alaska, the kuaka return to Aotearoa and eastern Australia each year with about 80,000 of their whānau. These troopers take the longest non-stop flight of any bird because they do not rest or feed on the sea. Even more amazingly, young birds make the same journey at just four months old.

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Team Kuaka

Aotearoa's best long-haul flyers - the kuaka - has returned from abroad on a comeback tour to reclaim its well-deserved title of New Zealand's Bird of the Year. They’re a high-flying powerhouse that travels NON-STOP from Alaska to the shores of Aotearoa to hang out in our sandy coastal and estuarine environments – the longest known non-stop flight of any bird (approximately 11,000-12,000km in 8-9 days).

Just like your average kiwi, they're always chasing the warm summer and a good feed. From September to December, the kuaka loves soaking up the hot (and temperamental) New Zealand spring/summer rays before heading back to the sunny beaches of their favourite tropical holiday home (Alaska).

#TeamKuaka will be spreading the hype far and wide from Aotearoa's most inconspicious "office" building. Help out this team of worker bees and give your vote to the mighty kuaka, the little bird that can't stop, won't stop.

#KuakaforBOTY22 #MightyKuaka

Bar-tailed godwit

Photo: Craig McKenzie