KuakaBar-tailed godwit

Conservation status
In some trouble

Breeding in Alaska, the kuaka return to Aotearoa and eastern Australia each year with about 80,000 of their whanau. These troopers take the longest non-stop flight of any bird because they do not rest or feed on the sea. Even more amazingly, young birds make the same journey at just 4 months old.

Campaign Manager

Keith Woodley

We are based at Pūkorokoro Shorebird Centre on the Firth of Thames. We have been following godwits for over 30 years, and have assisted with research projects that have unfolded the amazing story of these birds and their epic migrations. What inspiring and uplifting stories they have provided all of us in these uncertain times. Follow us at www.shorebirds.org.nz


Bar-tailde Godwit

Photo: Craig McKenzie