Every year, we get hundreds of emails from people all over the world wanting to learn more about Bird of the Year. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.

When is Bird of the Year 2019?

Voting for this year's competition opens at 9 am on Monday 28 October and closes midnight on Sunday 10 November.

Q: Why do you run Bird of the Year?

We hope that Bird of the Year helps to raise awareness for our native birds, their habitats, and the threats they face. Tragically, many species in danger of becoming extinct, so they need all the recognition they can get.

Q: What more can I do to protect native birds?

There's so much you can do to protect New Zealand's native birds. You could make a donation to help us protect them, join Forest & Bird, get involved with one of our local branches as a volunteer, set up a trapping programme in your backyard – the list goes on…

Q: Why don't you have all 168 of New Zealand's bird species on the list?

We have added some birds this year but there would be a long list to navigate if we had all of them in there. If you want a bird added to the competition, just send us an email. But be warned, we will definitely expect you to then put your hand up as campaign manager for that bird!

Q: Can I campaign for a bird?

We would love you to! We encourage anyone who is passionate about their favourite native bird to campaign throughout the competition. You can find out whether your favourite bird already has a campaign manager on the website. Send us an email and we'll either put you in touch with your bird's campaign team or sign you up to lead the campaign if that bird is available.

Q: Can I vote more than once with the same email?

You can only vote once per email. This is to make sure that one bird doesn’t suspiciously fly away with the competition, though it hasn't stopped people from trying before. Be warned, we will find you, and we will be disappointed!