Eastern rockhopper penguinTawaki piki toka

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Who says you need arms to climb almighty rock stacks? The Eastern rockhopper tackles rock mountains with the determination and grit of Hillary. Its population has declined by 30% in the past 30 years, so it needs your support for survival!

Campaign Manager

Christina Hulbe

Christina Hulbe

A vote for Tawaki Piki Toka Eastern Rockhopper Penguin is a vote for a little guy who needs your help. We're a family campaign team - Christina, Sam, and Tim - who admire rockhoppers for their deep diving, high climbing ways. Climate change has been hard on these southern ocean specialists but every day is the right day to choose to better by Eastern Rockhoppers and other species in trouble. People got them into this mess and people can get them out. #voterockhopper #lightningbrowdemigod #krillhunter #Rockhopper4BOTY

Eastern rockhopper penguin

Credit - Kyle Morrison