Fairy ternTara iti

Conservation status
In serious trouble

New Zealand's rarest bird. Nesting on shell-covered sand near the sea, fairy terns are often vulnerable to extreme weather events and predation. However, their eggs have speckled to blend in with the sand, and, when parents call an alarm, the chicks standstill, blending into the background. Terns are also able to drink sea water.

Campaign Manager

The Birdcage Tavern

The Birdcage Tavern

The tara iti fairy tern campaign is managed by The Birdcage Tavern crew located in Freeman’s Bay, Auckland. We love to fundraise for those that don’t have a voice of their own, so that’s why we’ve picked this beautiful bird to campaign for. We’ve got something in common with the fairy tern, we’re both historical treasures and just like our building the fairy tern deserves to be saved too, so this year vote fairy tern as your number one favourite bird. #SaveTheFairyTern

Fairy tern

Credit - Jordan Kappely