TawakiFiordland Crested Penguin

Conservation status
In some trouble

A tawaki appears from the surf to hop across the sand, then make its way into the … rainforest? That's right. These are the only penguin in the world to live deep in the rainforest on the south-western corner of New Zealand.

Campaign Manager

Team Tawaki

We're a group of penguin nuts who are determined that the bird of the year crown will be uplifted by a penguin for 2019! And what better candidate than the super star swimming underdogs of the NZ penguin world. These sassy little penguins are full of spunk and deserve to flipper bash their way to topple the crown from the drunken kings of chonk, the froot eating kereru! Tawaki would like a penguin coalition government comprised of supreme leader Tawaki with our cousins the Hoiho (too highly strung to hold the crown), Rockhopper (like seriously, they're too laid back to hold the crown) and we guess those little blue chonks can join in the penguin coalition government too, if they stop their sushi stealing ways of course! We can't have "known" thieves in this government, they need to learn the art of covert operations! It is time for penguins to rule this land!!! Vote #1 TAWAKI! This campaign is authorised by Lisa Argilla and Richard Seed.

Lisa Argilla