Fiordland crested penguinTawaki

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A tawaki appears from the surf to hop across the sand, then make its way into the … rainforest? That's right. These are the only penguin in the world to live deep in the rainforest on the south-western corner of New Zealand.

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Ever met a penguin that's more into rainforests than icy shores? Say hello to the Tawaki, AKA the Fiordland Crested Penguin! While most penguins are chilling (literally) in the Antarctic region, these clever birds thought, "Why not set up camp in Fiordland’s rainforest instead?" 🌳🐧  

At Ecotricity, we're all about that green life and protecting our biodiversity. That's why we're powering up NZ with 100% renewable, climate positive certified electricity. Because we want to make sure our unique buddies like these Penguins of the Rainforest keep waddling back to our beaches (and Fiords!).  

So, get ready to join the penguin party and give the Tawaki your vote this year! #TeamTawaki 

Fiordland crested penguin

Credit - Glenda Rees