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Bird of the Year 2018, the beloved – and occasionally tipsy – kererū. Occasionally, they fill themselves up with a fair amount of fermented fruit and have been known to fall out of trees. They are one of the only New Zealand birds that eat the whole fruit, which means they scatter seeds wherever they fly.

Campaign Manager

Ethan Manera

Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a kererū, whether it’s their size, their amazing aerial gymnastics, the beautiful iridescence on their neck, or their favourably to get tipsy on a few pūriri berries - what’s not to love. The kererū entertain Kiwis everyday all around Aotearoa, from national reserves to your back yard, these friendly creatures love to show off, and they do. If you’ve ever admired the pure beauty of a kererū cmon, #votekereru2021 or follow us on Instagram and ‘kererū 4 bird of the year 2021’ on Facebook.