Conservation status
In some trouble

Bird of the Year 2018, the beloved – and occasionally tipsy – kererū. Occasionally, they fill themselves up with a fair amount of fermented fruit and have been known to fall out of trees. They are one of the only New Zealand birds that eat the whole fruit, which means they scatter seeds wherever they fly.

Campaign Manager

Kereru Brewing Co.

Go the whoosh whoosh bird! We are super-excited to represent the Kererū. Native bird life in New Zealand is essential to the well-being of the environment. The kererū, kereru, kukupa, kuku, or New Zealand wood pigeon was a natural choice as the symbol for our brewery as they are beautiful and gregarious birds. They have been known to get into trouble after consuming overripe fruit and attempting to fly while overladen, or inebriated.  We donate a portion of the profits from merchandise sales to Project Kererū which seeks to rehabilitate injured birds for re-release back into the wild. We also work with Forest & Bird and regularly contribute to their conservation efforts each year. 

Kererū sitting on tiny tree branch