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Kōtare are fearless and aggressive when it comes to food and family. They don't slow down when it comes to the breeding season, using their dagger-like beaks to tunnel into soft tree trunks or clay banks to build nests. Mum takes a short rest when nurturing their young, with dad in charge of providing food and sometimes even attacking other birds and mammals.

Campaign Manager

Françios Olivier and Kai Man Yuen

Team kōtare is led by Francios Olivier and Kai Man Yuen, with the backing of Planet FM. Francios completed his Master of Science in biology at the University of Auckland in 2018, and is currently undertaking a PhD in Infection and Immunity at Monash University, Melbourne. Kai Man completed his Master in Science specialising in Immunology and Microbiology. He is currently working as a Medical and Scientific Affairs Specialist and is a big fan of the kōtare. 

Françios Olivier and Kai Man Yuen