Conservation status
Doing OK

Kōtare are fearless and aggressive when it comes to food and family. They don't slow down when it comes to the breeding season, using their dagger-like beaks to tunnel into soft tree trunks or clay banks to build nests. Mum takes a short rest when nurturing their young, with dad in charge of providing food and sometimes even attacking other birds and mammals.

Campaign Manager

Parnell District School

If it were possible for the kōtare to pick a school to run their campaign, they would choose Parnell District School. They love to visit us in the playground, keeping the worms in their place. We are an EnviroSchool and are very sustainability focused. We promise to raise the awareness of the kōtare in our school and community. Vote kōtare for Bird of the Year! #ParnellKids4Kōtare


Photo: Craig McKenzie