Kiwi PukupukuLittle Spotted Kiwi

Conservation status
In serious trouble

These kiwis are quite vocal. You will occasionally hear them send out a call to mark their territory and to maintain contact with partners. When in contact with their mate, the pairs will often duet. However, they can be fierce with rivals for territory and will fight with their sharp claws, resulting in a cloud of feathers on the ground.

Campaign Manager

Emma Rawson and Alice Morgan

It’s time to be a good kiwi. Before Bird of the Year, the Kiwi Pukupuku Little Spotted Kiwi was New Zealand’s OG national bird. Like silver ferns, All Blacks jerseys, meat pies, pineapple lumps and gumboots, little spotted is kiwi as. In recent years, parrots and penguins have taken the limelight –it’s time to return to our roots and support little spotted kiwi, New Zealand’s most beloved bird.  

Little Spotted Kiwi is the smallest (and cutest) of all the kiwis, but what it lacks in height it makes up for with fierce attitude. In 2020, Emma Rawson and Alice Morgan, plus the team at NZ Life & Leisure are taking the little spotted kiwi under their wing. Help us return them to their rightful place at the top!