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Tiritiri Matangi has been a popular source of tīeke for translocation. This island initially had very little bush, so there were very few natural roosting and nesting sites. Since then, boxes have been provided for nesting. The saddleback is not a species to look a gift horse/house in the mouth.

Campaign Manager

Margie Beautrais and the Bushy Park Education Team

Kia ora koutou! Bushy Park Education Team are a hard-working bunch of conservationists who spend part of their lives looking after Tarapuruhi, Bushy Park Sanctuary, one of the remaining native forest refuges where saddlebacks tieke not only survive, but thrive.

Margie Beautrais, Educator at Whanganui Regional Museum is the campaign manager, Mandy Brooke, Forest Manager is the on-site chief and Keith Beautrais, Educator at Bushy Park is the Education Group’s Team Leader.  

Tieke Saddleback profile pic

Craig McKenzie