TuturuatuShore Plover

Conservation status
In serious trouble

One of the rarest shorebirds. The shore plover can be quite the actor, particularly when parenting instincts come in during the nesting periods. These queens of drama use a “broken wing display" – where they cry in pain and flutter – to draw attention to themselves, and away from the chicks, when a predator may threaten the chicks' safety.

Campaign Manager

Karley Skinner

I am very keen on NZ biodiversity and protecting our endemic wildlife. I work in Health & Safety and believe all birds deserve to be healthy and safe too. I am campaigning for the Shore Plover as for too long, BOTY winners have been  among our most well-known birds, and now is the time for a critically endangered bird to take the crown. #voteshoreplover #ploverlover

Shore plover wearing a crown