Shore ploverTūturuatu | Tchūriwat'

Conservation status
In serious trouble

One of the rarest shorebirds. The shore plover can be quite the actor, particularly when parenting instincts come in during the nesting periods. These queens of drama use a “broken wing display" – where they cry in pain and flutter – to draw attention to themselves, and away from the chicks, when a predator may threaten the chicks' safety.

Campaign Manager

Team Tūturuatu

Team Tūturuatu

This small-town bird is ready to make its big-stage debut! Tūturuatu shore plovers' quirky qualities set them apart from the flock and are here to prove they can soar with the best of them. Campaign managers Lizzie and Hannah are taking the underbid under their wings as their first BOTY campaign. Cheering "you're doing great sweetie" from the shorelines, the pair invite you watch these stocky drama queens snatch the crown they so rightfully deserve. Make it a shore thing – vote tūturuatu shore plover  #TeamTūturuatu

Shore plover

Credit - Rob Suisted (Not to be reused)