Miromiro / NgirungiruTomtit

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These species are seen from Northland to Stewart Island, and both subspecies are curious towards humans. So much so that the Māori called tomtits “torotoro”, as they appear from nowhere in the forest like spies. Similar to fantails, tomtits are attracted to humans as they mix up soil and disturb insects for them to feed on. #itsthetits

Campaign Manager

Sally Evans

I am a small artist, passionate about exploring the outdoors and creating artworks from my experiences. The miromiro visited me on one such adventure and I could easily have got myself lost just following him tree to tree, his antics inspired me to dive into the realm of drawing our native birds. The miromiro is a curious and fascinating bird, whos turn it is for the spotlight #titsfor2021 For the time frame of voting, I will donate 10% of all print sales to Forest & Bird. 

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Photo: Ben