Conservation status
In some trouble

Filling beech and podocarp forest with sounds, whiteheads are highly social and always chattering with their friends. Although they are based in the canopy, whiteheads are reluctant fliers. However, thanks to being so small and nimble, these acrobats are known to hang upside down when foraging.

Campaign Manager

Ros Connelly

I’ve picked Greater Wellington Regional Councillor Ros Connelly to run my campaign. She is the Councillor for Upper Hutt/ Te Awakairangi ki Uta and I also like hanging out in the Regional Parks in Upper Hutt and other North Island beech and podocarp forests. Plus, I’m a talkative wee thing, like Ros.   

When I’m not drinking Upper Hutt craft beer, I hang out in groups to raise my young’uns – cooperative stylez. Thanks to my generous spirit, I also host the migratory long-tailed cuckoo/ koekoeā. The cuckoo lays an egg in my nest, which I incubate along with my own eggs. While I am happy to provide babysitting services, the cuckoo chick hatches and expels my eggs and chicks, leaving me to raise the cuckoo chick – not cool.

I don’t really like flying that much and need to have lots of rest stops. I can’t really move outside of my forest as I can only move through trees and bush. This means its hard for me to take holidays - as much of New Zealand is now deforested. If you want me to visit your part of the motu you need to ensure that there are bird corridors (trees and planted areas that link significant ecological areas or habitats together) so I can travel without burning out. 


Credit - Derek Tearne