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In some trouble

Filling beech and podocarp forest with sounds, whiteheads are highly social and always chattering with their friends. Although they are based in the canopy, whiteheads are reluctant fliers. However, thanks to being so small and nimble, these acrobats are known to hang upside down when foraging.

Campaign Manager

Derek Tearne

Flock pōpokatea is led, in as much as flock has a leader, by Derek Tearne.
Conservation volunteer, photographer, musician and champion of the underbird.
Assisted by Chris Hannent, and the rest of the flock.
Pōpokotea, aka Whitehead, are small, endearing and gregarious birds, full of character. Always on the move, they rush through the bush in small flocks, chittering and spreading joy as they go.
They should be one of the most common birds in New Zealand, but habitat loss and predators have hit them hard. Remove the predators and they come back quickly. Post PF 2050 these plucky pioneers will be the first to re-populate our silent forests, followed closely by our gardens.
Don't wait until they become everyone's favourite. Vote popokātea now, while they still are still grungy and underground (in a cheerful kind of way). #popokatea2021

Whitehead (Pōpokotea) sitting on a branch looking to camera

Credit - Derek Tearne