WrybillNgutu pare

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Wrybill is the only bird worldwide with a laterally curved bill which it uses to probe for insect larvae under stones on the braided riverbeds in Canterbury and Otago where it breeds. The colouration of adults, eggs and chicks provide superb camouflage. The peculiar bill is also useful on North Island tidal flats where birds spend most of the year.

Campaign Manager

Moe Hawk

Moe Hawk

Moe Hawk is an avid birdwatcher based in Wellington with a soft spot for wrybill (ngutu pare), the underdog of the bird world. Being the only bird in the world with a crooked beak and a population of roughly only 5000, you'd expect these wee charmers to be a household name... but alas, up against other supposedly more “charismatic” birds, wrybills are relegated to the sidelines. Yet these selfless, family-oriented birds are full of heart! wrybill parents will often pretend their wing is broken to lead predators away from their chicks. Let’s help bring some awareness to these sweethearts! #TeamWrybill


Credit - Ian Southey