PūteketekeAustralasian Crested Grebe

Conservation status
In some trouble

You may know of the Australasian crested grebe by the unusual way they carry their young – on their back when they are swimming. They forage within high country lakes, particularly shallow lakes with fringes of vegetation. Watch out for their floating nests, which they anchor to the side of the lake.

Campaign Manager

Denise Ford (Selwyn District Council)

The Selwyn District Council is campaigning for the Australasian crested grebe (pūteketeke) for the 2020 bird of the year. The Selwyn District stretches from the sea to the mountains and the crested grebe is found at either end - near the coast on Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere and also on the High Country Lakes. Lake Pearson/Moana Rua has been designated a wildlife refuge to help protect the grebe.

These attractive diving birds have a black double crest and bright chestnut and black cheek frills which certainly makes them stand out from the crowd especially when doing their courtship displays. Do you know of any other bird that does a 'weed dance' or a 'ghostly penguin' where they seem to walk on water? They are also great parents and often ferry their chicks around on their back. This special little bird is certainly deserving of your vote. #crestedgrebe

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