Australasian gannetTākapu

Conservation status
Doing OK

These dive-bombing daredevils are equipped with bubble-wrapping on their chest and face to protect them from the impact of the water. Also, they have no external nostrils. Instead, their nostrils are in their mouth, and they have transformer eyes that change shape to help them see underwater.

Campaign Manager

Keyi Yin

Keyi Yin

Being stuck an ocean away from home makes the gannet's wingman sympathetic to the #SeabirdsNotTreebirds cause. Hailing from Auckland, Keyi Yin currently works as a research technician at the University of California, San Francisco. She cites New Zealand birds as the catalyst that developed her interest in the biological sciences. The high-speed dives of gannets are as thrilling as this bird election, and the gannet will snatch at victory just as it snatches at fish. Take the plunge. Vote seabird. #TeamTakapu

Australasian gannet