Tūturiwhatu, Kūkuruatu, PohoweraBanded Dotterel

Conservation status
In serious trouble

New Zealand’s most common plover forages along seashores, estuaries, and riverbeds. You may see them scatter for small invertebrates then stop, then peck, then run again. But listen out – these birds can be quite vocal, giving a “chee-aree-aree” call.

Campaign Manager

George Hobson

Kia ora! My name is George Hobson and I’m a 16-year-old environmentalist. I’m incredibly passionate about birds and conservation and I am campaigning for the Banded Dotterel to win Bird of the Year 2019.

Banded Dotterels are absolutely stunning! They have such a huge personality packed into a tiny body and their chicks are basically fluffballs on legs. They’re also very endangered, so please help raise awareness for them by voting #1 Banded Dotterel!

George Hobson sitting behind a banded dotterel nesting area sign with binoculars