Banded dotterelPohowera

Conservation status
In serious trouble

"Bandies" forage along seashores, estuaries, and riverbeds. You may see them scatter for small invertebrates then stop, then peck, then run again. But listen out – these birds can be quite vocal, giving a “chee-aree-aree” call.

Campaign Manager

Jenni Larsen & Hayley Smith

Us "Bandies” (as we are affectionately known) like foraging along seashores, estuaries, and riverbeds across Aotearoa. We can be super hard to spot due to our excellent camouflage – but trust us when we say we have the cutest band around our chest. Due to our amazing nesting techniques our homes can be hard for you to see – and are often destroyed by dogs and vehicles on the riverbeds and estuaries – so keep an eye out during our breeding season and be mindful of us (even if you can’t see us) when you are out enjoying the rivers. Our biggest threat of all however is domestic and feral cats who prey on us and our eggs. We were once more common, but now our numbers are in serious decline. #VoteBandie

Banded dotterel

Credit - Ailsa McGilvray-Howard