Banded dotterelTūturiwhatu / Kūkuruatu / Pohowera

Conservation status
In serious trouble

New Zealand’s most common plover forages along seashores, estuaries, and riverbeds. You may see them scatter for small invertebrates then stop, then peck, then run again. But listen out – these birds can be quite vocal, giving a “chee-aree-aree” call.

Campaign Manager

Jewelia Howard

Endearing, widespread, ground nester with charm and personality galore. Experts in camouflage, their white front sparkles at first light, then eggs, chicks and adults vanish into surroundings and really can't be seen. Pressure on beaches and rivers from people vehicles and predators threaten their existence. Without effective management they are declining rapidly in most places.

Banded dotterel

Photo: Craig McKenzie