Tūturiwhatu, kūkuruatu, pohoweraBanded dotterel

Conservation status
In serious trouble

New Zealand’s most common plover forages along seashores, estuaries, and riverbeds. You may see them scatter for small invertebrates then stop, then peck, then run again. But listen out – these birds can be quite vocal, giving a “chee-aree-aree” call.

Campaign Manager

Erana Rameka

Banded Dotterels need your help! A regular victim to beach-going cats, hedgehogs, dogs, other birds and even unwary people, our precious banded dots are in serious decline. Crown them the winner in 2021's Bird of The Year and help out our little guys on the shores of Aotearoa New Zealand! Visit to our Facebook page and #votebandie get involved!


Banded Dotterel

Photo: Craig McKenzie