Banded railMoho pererū

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Banded rail are rarely seen, as they are well-camouflaged and remain under the cover of wetland vegetation, although their footprints are often seen. They are now mainly found in mangrove and saltmarsh vegetation in the upper North Island. They have disappeared from most of New Zealand since the 1970s, but remain in coastal wetlands in the upper North Island, Marlborough and Nelson, in rush-covered areas and coastal wetlands on Great Barrier Island and in forest and shrubland on the Three Kings Islands and on four islands off Stewart Island.

Campaign Manager

Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor

Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor

The Chief Science Advisor is all about using science to inform good decision making in Aotearoa, and nothing says science-backed decision making like voting for the moho pererū! The buff-banded rail - aka Buffy - is more than an underbird; it's a mangrove maestro, an indicator of landscape change, a gauge of ecosystem health, a stealthy mud ninja. As an office, we’re non-partisan, we don’t pick sides, we just provide the scientific evidence – and that evidence says vote banded rail. #Buffy4BOTY

Banded rail