Black-billed gullTarāpuka

Conservation status
In serious trouble

The black-billed gull is the most endangered gull in the world. Although it is usually thought of as a seagull, this gull is found on major rivers (especially braided rivers), lakes, and farmland in the breeding season and generally prefers estuaries and coastal areas outside of the breeding season. You are less likely to see them in urban areas than other gulls as they are not big on scavenging for leftovers.

Campaign Manager

Finn Davey

Finn Davey

Hey there everyone! I'm Finn, the ever-loving supporter of the terrific tarāpuka and it's my 3rd year running the campaign for this gorgeous shorebird. Gulls get such a bad rep these days and it has such a negative impact on the conservation of gulls and related shorebirds. They used to be considered birds of wisdom and many cultures saw them as guides for souls that had vanished at sea. The tarāpuka and their shorebird friends aim to bring you loads of joy and a plethora of reasons to why they should be your top pick for BOTY. #TeamTarāpuka

Black-billed gull

Photo: © Janko Luin