TarāpukaBlack-billed Gull

Conservation status
In serious trouble

The black-billed gull is the most endangered gull in the world. Although it is usually thought of as a seagull, this gull is found on major rivers (especially braided rivers), lakes, and farmland in the breeding season and generally prefers estuaries and coastal areas outside of the breeding season. You are less likely to see them in urban areas than other gulls as they are not big on scavenging for leftovers.

Campaign Manager

Amber Calman

Hey yolks, I’m Amber. Tarapuka, commonly known as Black-Billed Gull, have captured my imagination since I saw one at Lake Rotoiti when I was 11. They are such a gorgeous and under-appreciated species, sadly sitting as the world’s most threatened gull. Why not cast your #1 vote for an endemic underdog this year!

Amber Calman, age 17.

Amber Culman sitting on a jetty looking over her shoulder at some birds in the water