Black-fronted ternTarapirohe

Conservation status
In serious trouble

A slate-grey bird that wears a black cap with a bright orange bill, the black-fronted tern is found nesting on Canterbury's braided rivers. When they're not breeding, you can see them in coastal areas across New Zealand. But always look around you, they are territorial and love to dive-bomb intruders.

Campaign Manager

Em Scott

Em Scott

Generally, I’m a massive parrot lover, but as a big fan of the under(bird)dog I’m very excited to be campaigning for the incredible tarapirohe / black-fronted tern for Bird of the Year 2022
#BlackFrontedTern4BOTY #Tarapirohe4BOTY #TeamBFT #TeamTarapirohe

Black-fronted tern

Photo credit - Glenda Rees