Kakaruia Black robin

Conservation status
In serious trouble

This bird once eyeballed extinction but has since made an almighty comeback. Once it had five birds to its name, now it numbers 250 birds. So all of today's kakaruia are descendants of the last breeding pair, Old Blue (f) and Old Yellow (m). This amazing turn-around modeled new fostering programmes to save other endangered birds around the world.

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At Honeywrap we are passionate about a sustainable New Zealand, starting with our mission to reduce plastic use. We are a small, female-owned business that is committed to helping many charities in NZ involved in the conservation of many animal species, including Forest & Bird. We have worked with Forest & Bird for a number of years now, producing and selling a Bird of the Year wrap that raises funds towards Forest & Bird that will be available in October this year.

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Black Robin

Photo: Don Merton