KakīBlack Stilt

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Staunch, fierce, rare, and beautiful, kakī exemplify all the qualities of a true New Zealander. In the 1980s, kakī numbers dropped to only 23 birds living in the braided river habitats of the Mackenzie Basin. Thanks to conservation efforts, kakī have been able to fight back beak and claw, and now number 132 adults in the wild. We want to celebrate these rugged South Island all blacks by earning them the highest bird title in the land: Bird of the Year.

Campaign Manager

Peter Wills

In 1981 there were just 23 birds. The Kakī, aka the Black Stilt, now number at over 130 adults in the wild. We believe the mahi from the excellent teams at Forest & Bird and the Department of Conservation deserves recognition. Support the Kakī to become the 2019 Bird of the Year! Let's get to spot tahi. Kia Kaha Kakī!