WhioBlue duck

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Our endemic duck that doesn’t quack. These sleek swimmers need clear, fast-flowing rivers, so you’re unlikely to see them on your local pond – although you might find them on your $10 note! Stoats and declining habitat are major threats to whio. With fewer than 3000 left, it’s up to us to help them out. Thankfully, Whio Forever (a partnership between Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation) is working to protect these taonga with trapping networks and breed-for-release programmes.

Campaign Manager

Rosie Miller

The whio, or blue duck, is THE New Zealand bird. Why?

• Intrepid thrill-seekers: Surf white-water rapids
• Brave and feisty: Don’t become a ‘bony wing spur’ sandwich
• Power: They fly like fighter jets. Enough said.
• Loyal: Whio live the monogamous life – you won’t find them on Tinder, despite being really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Whio are the ultimate triple-threat - they sing (*growl), dance and can quack a good joke.

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Remember, whio know money talks; they feature on our $10 note. #votewhio #quackmeup

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Photo: Craig McKenzie