WhioBlue Duck

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Our endemic duck that doesn’t quack. These sleek swimmers need clear, fast-flowing rivers, so you’re unlikely to see them on your local pond – although you might find them on your $10 note! Stoats and declining habitat are major threats to whio. With fewer than 3000 left, it’s up to us to help them out. Thankfully, Whio Forever (a partnership between Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation) is working to protect these taonga with trapping networks and breed-for-release programmes.

Campaign Manager

Jana Beer

Kia ora koutou, whistle and growl. I’m proud to be campaign manager for whio, the thrill-seeking water warrior. While living far from the pristine rivers whio can be found on – insert sad face - I get to do my bit for our beautiful blue duck as coordinator of the Whio Forever programme, tasked with securing whio in the wild by growing the population and ensuring New Zealanders understand and value whio in our river systems. Whio Forever is proudly supported by Genesis.

Jana Beer dressed as a noir detective looking at a duck fluffy toy with a magnifying glass