PātekeBrown teal

Conservation status
In some trouble

This little brown duck has gone from being "nationally endangered" to "recovering". Their population has jumped from just 700 birds in the wild to more than 2500! Pāteke can be tenacious and aggressive, and they have the attitude of a bird much larger. They're nocturnal, extremely territorial, and one of the few waterfowl species where both parents are involved in rearing their young.

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RE-PEAT is a youth-led organisation that is working to bring more awareness and appreciation to peatlands - ultimately bringing about a peatland paradigm shift, which we consider to be a shift in how we view, imagine and use peatlands. Most of our members are currently based around Europe, but one of our members still has her heart firmly in the Wellington hills! We take an imaginative and creative approach to peatland advocacy, and work to ensure we view peatlands holistically. 
We're here to represent the Pāteke or Brown Teal - what a wonderful wetland bird! #repeatpāteke

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Brown Teal

Photo: © vil.sandi