Buller's mollymawkToroa

Conservation status
In some trouble

This elegant albatross is one of the more commonly seen mollymawks around New Zealand and stands out with its black and gold bill. It breeds on predator free offshore islands around New Zealand but it faces bycatch threats from commercial fishing.

Campaign Manager

Team Bullers

For the first time in BOTY history, repping a no-BS attitude, eyeshadow skills to challenge the freshers, and a compensating wingspan, we give you, the Buller's albatross. Who better to fly us into the new century of conservation than the Buller's? A fresh face to the nominations after a long-standing lack of albatross appreciation, Buller's albatross is an iconic bird in need of support. This sexy species is identified by its golden beak and dramatic dark eyes, easily distinguishable soaring over the waves of the Cook's Straight and our coastlines. Reliant on Aotearoa's islands for finding their partner to make adorable (cranky looking) mollymawk babies, and vulnerable to the widespread fishing industry, our endemic albatross species needs your vote! Don't listen to the bull, this albatross deserves a crown.

Team Buller's is a group of friends and family who are passionate about albatross and our marine taonga species. Ngā mihi nui

#Bullers4BOTC #NoBullBirds

Buller's mollymawk