Fairy PrionTītī Wainui

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The fairy prion, or tītī wainui, is a small blue sea bird found around New Zealand's coasts, and on small islands in Australia, the South Indian Ocean, and the South Atlantic Ocean. Their call, often being mistaken for a duck's, is actually very common for prion's, and is music to the ears. 

Unfortunately fairy prions are the most common bird to be found dead on New Zealand beaches, with about one every 0.5km. Their plumage is in the classic prion colours, with a white underbelly, and a blue-grey back and wings, they have a prominent "M" shape along their back and wings. 

Campaign Manager

Alec Viggers

As a Wellingtonian I am delighted to represent my favorite bird, which I often see at my local beaches. The Tītī Wainui loves to travel, with colonies found in Australia, the South Indian ocean, the South Atlantic, and of course, here in New Zealand. 

The fairy prion is unfortunately also the most common bird to wash up dead, in the whole country, with up to 250,000 found dead after severe ocean storms. With all that being said the fairy prion is a very cool little bird, that definitely deserves your vote New Zealand. #fairyforthewin

Fairy Prion