Kaikōura tītīHutton's shearwater

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Hutton's shearwaters are unique to the seaward ranges of Kaikōura. The 2016 Kaikōura earthquake affected their habitat in the mountains, destroying about 15% of their nesting area and reducing their population by a third. They are the only seabird in New Zealand to nest high in the mountains, commuting each day down the slopes at 150km/h to get to their "office", the sea, and returning back to the ranges in the evening.

Campaign Manager

Caitlin McLeod

Dedicated to helping the Hutton's shearwater (Kaikōura tītī) ride a wave of victory in the 2021 Bird of the Year. While they may be chunky balls of fluff that morph into gorgeous guardians of the sea don't be fooled - the Hutton's shearwater is a fierce competitor this year and determined to snap up your love like it's a small fish out there in the big wide ocean. #strutinthehutton

"Do it for him" meme with pics of Hutton's shearwaters
Hutton's shearwater flying just above the water

Credit - Richard Robinson