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New Zealand sign language for kākā

Friends who squawk together stay together. Kākā could be the gossip queens of the forest, as they are often in large chattery congregations. Numbers are increasing near Wellington but avoid sharing bread and crackers with them. The best way to support them is to plant a native tree so you can share the tree sap and nectar.

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Lisa West

Kaka are charismatic, deep endemic parrots, brownish/khaki with huge hooked slate coloured beaks, impressive talons, grey feathered heads, a brassy flourish behind their dark button eyes, and a coppery blush on their cheeks. They are impressive fliers, and seen from below you will notice their red under wings. They are often high in the tree tops.

If you haven't seen them, you may have heard them; a loud guttural SKRAARKING, or maybe a high fluting noise that sounds almost electronic. Perhaps you've heard a curious cackling in the canopy? Join the #kakaparty at the links below. 

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