Conservation status
In serious trouble

Friends who squawk together stay together. Kākā could be the gossip queens of the forest, as they are often in large chattery congregations. Numbers are increasing near Wellington but avoid sharing bread and crackers with them. The best way to support them is to plant a native tree so you can share the tree sap and nectar.

Campaign Manager

Lisa West

We're bold, we're beautiful, we're raucous, we're skraarking dudes, and we're coming to a suburban Auckland backyard near you... providing you have some tall canopy trees for us to clown around in, some bark for us to strip, some grubs and tasty foliage for us to gorge on, and some tūī for us to have a bit of fun with. We're the new guys on your block, we have floofy red hammerpants, and we play to win. We need you to help us win by trapping for stoats, possums, and rats, so we can breed in your city bush reserves. Vote Team Kaka! #skraarkflutetseep

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