Conservation status
In serious trouble

Friends who squawk together stay together. Kākā could be the gossip queens of the forest, as they are often in large chattery congregations. Numbers are increasing near Wellington but avoid sharing bread and crackers with them. The best way to support them is to plant a native tree so you can share the tree sap and nectar.

Campaign Manager

Jordy - Juice on the Loose

Kia Ora I'm Jordy the owner of Juice on the Loose, a tiny mobile business based in Wellington, specialising in cold press juice, dairy free smoothies and organic coffee with a big focus on environmental impact and sustainability.

This year we just had to get behind our main beaky bois the Kaka!

It's amazing being able to now see these incredible birds in Wellington city and we'd love to do all we can to keep them around and get them thriving! I'm a bit of a bird fan with four native birds tattooed and last year was an avid supporter of the roundboi but this year we're ready to take the Kererū down!

Jordy posting in front of his Juice on the loose truck