Conservation status
In serious trouble

Our most exquisitely perfumed bird. It’s like its feathers have been dipped in a musky array of essential oils that could come straight from a Middle Eastern perfumier. We’re all cheering as it waddles back from the brink of extinction. The kākāpō was even endorsed by Stephen Fry.

Campaign Manager

Team kākāpō

Bonnie is a Primary School teacher out in Flat Bush, Auckland. She has worked on digital campaigns before, but none as adorable and worthwhile as the Kākāpō.

Working with them daily, Adam often has to deal with more animals than he has time for. Being asked to help manage a campaign that combined some of his many loves however - Kākāpō, advocacy, and memes, was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Despite a lack of experience in.....structured advocacy, Adam hopes to help to bring home the crown Kākāpō rightfully deserve