Conservation status
In some trouble

The world's only alpine parrot took the cake, winning Bird of the Year in 2017. These cheeky creatures socialise on prominent rocky outcrops and windy saddles. These quick learners were in some trouble after targeting farms, but they have received full protection since 1986, and their reputation is improving.

Campaign Manager

Will Douglas & Annika Werner

Will Douglas

An ad guy from Auckland by way of Otago. I've gotten tired of sitting on the sidelines watching less deserving birds take out the BOTY title year after year. I am determined that 2019 will be the Year Of The Kea, while raising awareness of the precarious position this precocious parrot is in.

Annika Werner

Bird nerd and Secretary of the Kea Conservation Trust, and determined to raise awareness for the issues kea are facing.

Will Douglas laughing with a waterfall in the background