KororāLittle Penguin

Conservation status
Doing OK

It’s the world’s smallest penguin with a big place in New Zealanders’ hearts. Marching out to sea each morning, returning at dusk after a hard day’s fishing – this penguin is a true blue worker. Forest & Bird is helping to boost the population living around Wellington's coastline.

Campaign Manager

Sophie Dryburgh

Me and the little penguin, we're both tiny torpedos of greatness. I'm a designer and I'm constantly baffled at the design of the little penguin. It's a streamline arrowhead wizzing through the water - seeming to needlessly flap its wings perhaps to make itself feel better for the fact it can't fly. We're both small, but heck we're fierce - we invade sushi shops (well, I don't but the penguins do) and battle it out for good penguin of the week, owning it when we win the naughtiest. The kororā isn't on the $5 note because it's worth $5000. We're the mascot of the beaches, and we need your help to keep us that way. Vote little penguin kororā and raise awareness to keep us safe. #littlebutfierce

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