KororāLittle Penguin

Conservation status
Doing OK

It’s the world’s smallest penguin with a big place in New Zealanders’ hearts. Marching out to sea each morning, returning at dusk after a hard day’s fishing – this penguin is a true blue worker. Forest & Bird is helping to boost the population living around Wellington's coastline.

Campaign Manager

Wellington Zoo & Topflite

Wellington Zoo, Topflite in Oamaru and many deadset Kiwi legends love the smallest, noisiest, feistiest, most flipper-tastic penguin of all time: the mighty kororā (a.k.a little blue penguin, a.k.a dark knight of the sea). We’re using our campaign to show Aotearoa how awesome they are and using this opportunity to share the small things we can all do to help these beautiful birds survive and thrive.