Little penguinKororā

Conservation status
In some trouble

It’s the world’s smallest penguin with a big place in New Zealanders’ hearts. Marching out to sea each morning, returning at dusk after a hard day’s fishing – this penguin is a true blue worker. Forest & Bird is helping to boost the population living around Wellington's coastline.

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Protect Pūtiki

Protect Pūtiki

Tangata whenua and the Waiheke Community rising in defence of the mauri of Pūtiki Bay against the development of a marina. Pūtiki kororā are experiencing habitat loss due to the marina development. We work to bring awareness and support other hapū and communities across Aotearoa. We must highlight and better understand the plight of the worlds smallest penguin before it is too late. #ProtectPūtiki 

Little penguin

Photo: © Chris McCormack