Long-tailed cuckooKoekoeā

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With a tail as long as its body and a harsh screeching call, the long-tailed cuckoo is hard to miss if you come across one in the forest. They spend their summers breeding in New Zealand and can be found in the Pacific between Palau and the Pitcairn Islands during winter. 

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Blue Duck Station

Blue Duck Station

Located in the Ruapehu District on the banks of the Whanganui and Retaruke Rivers, and surrounded by Whanganui National Park, Blue Duck Station is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

The station’s core values are to conserve its endangered wildlife, increase the health of native bush and rivers, and preserve the history of the area, while educating visitors about the endangered New Zealand blue duck, other native species and local history

Long-tailed cuckoo

Photo: Lisa Ridings