North Island brown kiwi

Conservation status
In some trouble

She’s a big one, with females weighing in at 2–5kgs, and their male counterparts weighing a bit less at 1.4–3kg. Standing 50 to 65cm tall, it’s no surprise they can’t fly. This is partly also due to their dense bone structure. They have a small claw at the end of each wing, which they may use to fight in defence of their territory if necessary!

Campaign Manager

Naylor Love Sustainability Team

Naylor Love's Sustainability Team have chosen to support the vulnerable North Island brown kiwi in 2021's Bird of the Year. Our cute wee bird grows 2% per year in managed populations. However the unmanaged populations are still declining and DoC classes the kiwi as being at risk of extinction. We would like to help maintain DoC's input into helping all species of our native Kiwi's existence. Most of us have generally never seen a kiwi in the wild before so this is an important factor toward our choice of bird. It's a motivator for all of us to experience more of New Zealand's scenic parks and trails. We are so fortunate to have these in our own backyard and the endeavour to spot one of our treasured Kiwis in the wild would be awesome. #loveourkiwis

North Island Brown Kiwi

Photo: © Shaun Lee