North Island Brown Kiwi

Conservation status
In some trouble

She’s a big one, with females weighing in at 2–5kgs, and their male counterparts weighing a bit less at 1.4–3kg. Standing 50 to 65cm tall, it’s no surprise they can’t fly. This is partly also due to their dense bone structure. They have a small claw at the end of each wing, which they may use to fight in defence of their territory if necessary!

Campaign Manager

Upper Hutt Library

Let’s face it, If the NIBK were a library patron, it would turn up in Uggs and pyjamas, sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and would probably do skids in the car park before hooning back to the Remutakas in a hotted up Falcon.

Not the smallest, not the prettiest, not the spottiest, not the chonkiest, the NIBK is pretty basic*

*For an endangered species.

More than just an advertising resource and the flag we deserved, vote (laser eye) North Island Brown Kiwi!



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Photo: © Shaun Lee