Northern New Zealand dotterelTūturiwhatu

Conservation status
In some trouble

Like us, northern New Zealand dotterels love to spend their time at the beach. You may see them foraging on sandspits and sandy beaches, but their nests won't be so obvious. Breeding birds are often disturbed by humans and their dogs, vehicles, and stock, which crush eggs and chicks. Sometimes, dotterel mums and dads will try to distract intruders from their nest by performing ‘rat runs’ or pretending they’re injured. When you're at the beach this summer, look out for markers like seaweed and driftwood, and give these russet-hued beach babes some space! 

Campaign Manager

Amaryllis Kint and Loredana Kint

Amaryllis Kint and Loredana Kint

The tūturiwhatu (northern New Zealand dotterel) campaign is managed by sisters Loredana and Amaryllis Kint. They recognise that this dotterel is an iconic mascot for other downtrodden native birds. The northern NZ dotterel is an adorable bird with a history of bravery and resilience. If you're lucky, you'll see these fluffy birds bouncing across New Zealand's shores and nowhere else in the world! Aside from spending time obsessing over cute dotterel photos on Flickr, Loredana is a medical student, and Amaryllis has a passion for horses and producing music. Check out their social media profiles for the northern NZ dotterel at the links below, and remember: don't step on the dotterels! #DontStepOnTheDotterels

Northern New Zealand dotterel

Credit - Shaun Lee