Kākāriki KarakaOrange-fronted Parakeet

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Apart from this character, New Zealand’s birdy dress code is decidedly drab, so it's wonderful to see this lurid, splashy dresser adorning our branches. It already has an orange crown, but this year it's working hard to be crowned Bird of the Year.

Campaign Manager

Sam from Toi Toi Wines

I’m Sam, part of the team at Toi Toi Wines who have been passionately supporting this the Orange Fronted Parakeet after we read how this brightly coloured bird was sitting extremely high on the endangered list.  One of Toi Toi’s core values is protecting and preserving New Zealand for future generations.  We want to make sure this little beauty gets to be enjoyed by our children, grandchildren and beyond. Help us #CrownKakariri NZ bird of the year!