Orange-fronted parakeetKākāriki karaka

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Apart from this character, New Zealand’s birdy dress code is decidedly drab, so it's wonderful to see this lurid, splashy dresser adorning our branches. It already has an orange crown, but this year it's working hard to be crowned Bird of the Year.

Campaign Manager


This year, the Simplicity team is getting behind the kākāriki karaka or orange fronted parakeet.

This little bird might look a bit flashy with its riot of green feathers and blaze of orange above the eyes, but it's actually quite shy and hard to spot.

It was once found throughout Aotearoa, but today it's our rarest parakeet and can only be found in a few beech forests in the South Island and four offshore islands. It's estimated there are only around 360 birds left in the wild.

Simplicity is a nonprofit KiwiSaver and Investment Fund manager. Investing is all about saving for a better future, and that's what we want for this special little bird. Vote kākāriki karaka!

Orange-fronted parakeet

Image credit - Christopher Stephens