Paradise shelduckPūtangitangi

Conservation status
Doing OK

With females having stunning white heads, and males looking pure black but really being a lovely bronze shade, Paradise Shelducks are sadly often overlooked because of their abundance in rural areas. Despite this, once you pay attention to them, you'll come to notice their beautiful plumage and fascinating behaviour. Go for a walk or a drive through the countryside, and there's a decent chance that you'll come back excited to vote for New Zealand's largest duck. 

Campaign Manager

Christian Cosgrove

Christian Cosgrove

I'm once again campaigning for the paradise shelduck, maybe as the youngest campaigner this year as I'm 15, and I'm once again disadvantaged. The paradise shelduck is everything you need from a bird - it's colourful, clever, chonky, and you can probably find one close to you. However, the paradise shelduck is in decline due to duck hunting, as over 30% of its population is killed every year by duck hunters, a death sentence for most birds, but the paradise shelduck's great parenting with its ducklings slows the decline significantly. However, this also leads to another problem. Because the paradise shelduck is in slow decline and has a high population, very few people know about it and it's usually dismissed as common. So if you want to help an unknown bird in trouble, vote for the Paradise Shelduck. #VoteForParadise

Paradise shelduck

Credit - Jeff Mein Smith NZBP