Pied shagKāruhiruhi

Conservation status
In some trouble

Pied shag is the party leader species representing all of the unique shag species in Aotearoa. These expert divers eat small fish and marine invertebrates, and can be seen in harbours and estuaries around New Zealand. Fishermen use to regarded the shag as competitors, leading to shags being commonly hunted. Shooting them has been banned since 1931, and their numbers are recovering. They are generally silent outside of nesting colonies, but can be quite vocal (and smelly) when hanging out with friends. 

Campaign Manager

Anna Addison

Everyone Loves a Shag! Not only does this amazing bird have the ability to fly it is also an extremely graceful swimmer. Sunrise will see them darting underwater here and there, swiftly & nimbly, hunting  for a fish or crab. Take a moment to rest, wings outstretched, sun on its face, enjoying a slower pace. Wings are dried, now home to roost, safely perched near the coast in a pohutukawa tree. #everyonelovesashag

Pied shag