tarāpungaRed-billed gull

Conservation status
In some trouble

The red-billed gull is here, squawking onto the Bird of the Year stage for the very first time. Dapper, roguishly charming, notorious for their criminal tendencies - red-bills are the John Dillinger or the Captain Jack Sparrow of the New Zealand bird world. They're a familiar sight to a lot of us New Zealanders, but many are unaware of the problems red-billed gulls actually face. It's high time these unfairly maligned seabirds got the love and attention they deserve.

Campaign Manager

Chris McCombe

Seagull Squad (also known as Team Tarāpunga or Gull Gang) is managed by a small but dedicated group of Dunedin-based University students/seagull enthusiasts. We don't really know what we're doing, but we do love seagulls, and we believe you should too.

Flawed? Perhaps. Angry? Occasionally. Noisy? Undoubtedly. The humble red-billed gull is not perfect, but it does not pretend to be. It is simply doing its best. Truly, it is the People's Bird. #VoteRedBill

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Credit - Wikimedia Commons