Red-crowned parakeetKākāriki

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Jewels of the ngahere, kākāriki are emerald green with a striking ruby crown. They nest in cavities such as tree hollows. Mums do all the work building the nest, incubating the eggs, and feeding the chicks, fuelled by a steady stream of food delivery by dad. Kākāriki are pretty rare on the mainland due to the impacts of introduced predators, but on pest-free islands and in mainland sanctuaries they can quickly become abundant. For example, if you live in Wellington, you might spot a kākāriki in your backyard, thanks to the thriving population in Zealandia Ecosanctuary. 

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New Zealand Biosecurity Ltd

New Zealand Biosecurity Ltd

We can relate to the kākāriki a lot. We're both kākāriki (green) and our day today is effected by habitat destruction and introduced mammals. At NZBSL we spend a lot our time working to restore areas that have suffered habitat destruction and control introduced mammals to help our taonga species like kākāriki.

Kākāriki are mainly restricted to islands and almost entirely absent from the mainland. We've been fortunate enough to see some when working on islands and near Zealandia in Wellington and are so grateful every time we do. We would love help more people get to hear the kākāriki's characteristic chatter and see it's beautiful red crown. With your vote and through our work to bring awareness to the kākāriki we hope this might be a reality. #TeamKākāriki

Red-crowned parakeet