Conservation status
Doing OK

The rifleman is New Zealand's smallest bird and never sits still. They are so full of energy that they may have up to two broods per season and even begin building a second nest while still feeding chicks in the first. Some pairs bring in extra helpers to support their extra nests.

Campaign Manager

Melissa Boardman

It's time for New Zealand's smallest bird to have their time in the spotlight! Melissa is a Wellington based illustrator and photographer that is seriously passionate about our native birds, and uses her art to talk about the threats our birds face. Melissa volunteers at Zealandia Ecosanctuary where she helps to monitor the titipounamu population, she knows how amazing and unique these tiny birds are. Follow Melissa's campaign on social media (links below)  and vote titipounamu!! #teamtitipounamu 

Melissa Boradman standing in some native bush