PīwauwauRock Wren

Conservation status
In some trouble

Can you name a bird that loves our mountains so much that it never retires below the bush-line? Look no further than New Zealand’s true alpine bird species! Weighing less than an AA battery and laying eggs the size of 10c coins, these tiny rock bobbers defy all laws of survival and demonstrate true mountain bravery.

Campaign Manager

Alex Lister

This year the Rock Wren, New Zealand's only truly alpine bird, is coming back stronger than ever for BOTY 2020! Backed by a team of postgraduate students and passionate environmentalists including Anna Clark, Lachie Scarsbrook, Amirah Osama, Tom Goody and campaign manager Alex Lister, the Rock Wren is ready to be the ultimate underbird and win Bird of the Year for 2020!

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