Kōtuku NgutupapaRoyal Spoonbill

Conservation status
Doing OK

Royal spoonbills are immediately distinguishable by their long, black, spatulate bills. You may see them in shallow wetlands, hunting for crustaceans and aquatic insects. When they have caught something, they lift their bill up and let the morsel slide down their throat.

Campaign Manager

Team Spoonbill

Health Pak is based in Auckland and a proud donator to F&B for many years.  Lead by Toby and Jimi, this will be their second attempt at educating NZ as to the royal majesty of the mighty Spoonbill.  Both of them jog for mental stress (during work hours), and are lucky enough to have a walkway nearby in Penrose alongside the Manukau Harbour.  Here they are regularly greeted by resident Spoonbills feeding either at low tide at the water’s edge, or sitting regally on their rock amongst the Mangroves at high tide.  Toby often calls to them as they pass and firmly believes he can actually communicate with this fine bird.  Each day he has promised the flock to keep them updated on voting, so please help as it could get awkward.

"Toby & Jimi" - but actually it's a photo of Han Solo & Chewbacca