Kōtuku NgutupapaRoyal Spoonbill

Conservation status
Doing OK

Royal spoonbills are immediately distinguishable by their long, black, spatulate bills. You may see them in shallow wetlands, hunting for crustaceans and aquatic insects. When they have caught something, they lift their bill up and let the morsel slide down their throat.

Campaign Manager

Abigail Robinson & Olivia Adams

With New Zealand's attention turned on the election and the two bills we are voting on, we would like to turn their attention to another bill. An important bill. A royal bill. A spoon bill.

Unlike the others, this is an easy choice to make.

Vote yes for The Royal Spoonbill.

Who are we? Unimportant. Why are we doing this? Good question.
Some might say we are backing the wrong horse. Backing the underdog. But we are excited to back the bird that was wily enough to evolve a utensil on their face. They will never be caught unprepared when all the spoons are dirty in the office lunch room. That's the kind of kiwi ingenuity we support.

"Who even is the Royal Spoonbill?" - The NZ public (probably).
Come November, this will change.  #VoteForTheBill

Craig McKenzie