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Translating to “stranger”, tauhou colonised the country almost overnight. Its believed that, in 1832, a storm took a migrating flock to New Zealand. Because they migrated naturally to Aotearoa, they are classified as a native species and so are protected.

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Athena Rhodes

Meaning stranger in Maori, the Tauhou is now one of the most widespread birds in New Zealand. 

Often seen quickly fluttering through trees looking for breakfast, they are easily recognisable from their beautiful silvery white outlined eyes and olive green feathers. Most of us have had some form of encounter with this bird, which is awesome. As we can make our local mate, bird of the year this year. 

They are also one of our cutest birds, being tiny fluff balls. And after this year, we all need a dose of cute in our lives. 

Let’s make this once strange bird, bird of the year 2020. 

I go by @That_Girl_in_Mustard in the bird world and I support this message.

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Credit: Laurie Boyle