South Island kōkakoKōkā

Conservation status
In serious trouble

The current world leader at hide-and-seek, South Island Kōkako were last “officially” spotted in 1967 and subsequently declared extinct until it was seen again in 2007. We are on a mission to prove it’s still out there – and save it before it truly disappears over the event horizon of extinction!

Campaign Manager

Narrative Campaigns

Narrative is a clever little consultancy that helps socially-conscious entrepreneurs or organisations fly (unless they’re flightless, in which case we help them, uh, hop around higher or something). We create extraordinary campaigns by bringing communities together, telling stories, and showcasing impact. Like the mighty South Island kōkako, we’re based in Te Waipounamu, steer clear of the ‘traditional’ paths and places, look great in orange, and believe it’s more important for us to do good than to be seen (unless being seen helps the good happen, at which point the metaphor starts to fall apart). Okay, have a good one. 

South Island kōkako