KōkāSouth Island Kōkako

Conservation status
In serious trouble

Don’t play hide and seek with theses birds. The last accepted sighting was in 1967 since then they have been declared extinct. And now they may be back, the conservation status has moved to data deficient since an accepted sighting on the West Coast in 2007. We are still looking for remains, feathers, droppings, video, or photographs to support their status.

Campaign Manager

The South Island Kōkako Charitable Trust

The South Island Kōkako Charitable Trust was formed in 2010 to confirm that the remarkable South Island kōkako exists so that it can be conserved appropriately.  In January 2017, we launched a campaign with a $10,000 reward inviting the public to be our eyes and ears and to report any possible encounters with a South Island kōkako in the native forests of South and Stewart Islands.  We’re ramping up the search with some help from tech wizards, including a new interactive map showing encounters, using artificial intelligence to review sound recordings and developing a new playback/record device.

We’re hugely grateful to SouthProud for leading the South Island kōkako BOTY 2019 campaign.

South Island kōkako wanted poster