PūwetoSpotless Crake

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Preferring to run and hide, these little ’uns are often thought of as flightless. However, they can be quite competent flyers. Based in New Zealand freshwater wetlands, they are even strong swimmers despite not having webbed feet.

Campaign Manager

Melanie Dixon

The pūweto is part of the Wetland Bird Alliance. Please consider also voting for mātātā, pateke, and especially the granddaddy wetland bird of them all matuku (Australasian bittern). Pūweto are tiny blue birds with bright red feet and eyes. They live in wetlands so it makes sense that the National Wetland Trust of New Zealand put their hand up to support them. They want to get more people to appreciate our wetland ecosystems and the spotless crake (pūweto) is a great spokesbird for the cause. The presence of pūweto is the sign of a healthy ecosystem and can show us just how well we are looking after our wetlands. Although they are secretive and relatively infrequently seen, their numbers have dropped since humans started draining wetlands. A vote for the pūweto is a vote for the wetlands! Please also vote for our friends in the #WetlandBirdAlliance

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Photo: butupa