Spotless crakePūweto

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Preferring to run and hide, these little ’uns are often thought of as flightless. However, they can be quite competent flyers. Based in New Zealand freshwater wetlands, they are even strong swimmers despite not having webbed feet.

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Broken Shed Vodka

Broken Shed Vodka

The pūweto or spotless crake is a small, secretive bird found around fresh water sources in Aotearoa's North and South Islands. Rarely seen, their conspicuous, trilling calls ring out in spring and summer. For all these reasons and more, the spotless crake embodies the spirit of Broken Shed Vodka.

Based in Wānaka, Broken Shed Vodka is made using a unique blend of North Island pure spring water, and ancient mineral water from a South Island aquifer. Clean water is essential for both Broken Shed, and the spotless crake, which is why we’re supporting this beautiful manu for Bird of the Year.

Spotless crake

Photo: butupa